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UN CHAPEAU DE PAILLE D'ITALIE - Theatre De La Porte Saint Martin

MARRY ME A LITTLE - Theatre Marigny

DOROTHY - Theatre De La Porte Saint Martin

BROADWAY 2 - Follies Lyrique/Domaine D'O

BROADWAY RHYTHM - Festival Pierre Cardin


CHATELET SUR LE TOIT - Theatre Du Chatelet

GOOGLE ARTS & CULTURE - Theatre Du Chatelet


WORLD 7's RUGBY - Opening Ceromony Dubai Exiles Stadium

Emma Kate has been choreographing and creating for over 20 years. Working along side directors and realisateurs for events, film, theatre, opera, operetta, musicals, television, publicity and music video. From creative concepts to brain storming and creations. Emma always aims to build strong connections between human expression and movement through dance. As well as dance, modern  and classic choreographies, she also specialises in motion capture, physical theatre and Movement direction. Passionated by Storytelling through dance and movement. On stage and screen. Her skill of using dynamic creative methods through improv and research and development sessions for all her projects means she continues to inspire and aspire in being original. With a daily notion that the world is constantly evolving effecting the way we think, move and breath. not to mention walk. She is highly Influenced by the current climate and every changing culture and subjects, she surrounds herself with all walks of life. Some of her work with non dancers, opera singers and public speakers has seen to able the performer in finding freedom in movement and expression complimenting their vocal and speech techniques. With a background study of voice and speech and drama and the knowledge of how to bring physical supporting thorough breath and presence shows her work in force. Emma is also a musician, extremely connected to music and compositions, choreographing for and with composers connecting the music and dance together in its most beautiful formula. 


Iphoto by go go jungle

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